High Tensile Stainless Steel
Genuine SAFETEC Powered by MESHTEC stainless steel mesh is woven to a high-tensile strength, with each strand of wire individually tested to stringent international standards.
While our screens may look like ordinary insect screens, our stainless steel mesh passes tough Knife Shear Testing to prove its superior strength.
SAFETEC Powered by MESHTEC mesh and componentry is powder coated with a patented special formula designed by Meshtec to ensure corrosion resistance and exceed standards for Salt Spray Testing.
Our patented mesh also filters up to 60% of harmful UV rays without restricting views or air flow.
Genuine SAFETEC Powered by MESHTEC premium mesh is made of high-tensile stainless steel manufactured at our state-of-the-art purpose-built facility.

Genuine SAFETEC Powered by MESHTEC is:
Superior in strength
Architecturally appealing
Clear Vision
Air Flow and Circulation
60% UV blockage
Protection from flies and mosquitoes
No bars
Easily used entry and exit points
Custom made applications
Impact resistance
Our products have an unsurpassed resistance to forced entry by burglars and intruders. Our products are far stronger than insect screens, which are typically used for window applications. While fly screen can easily be cut with a penknife, our woven stainless steel mesh passes knife shear testing without damage to the screen and is tear and puncture resistant.